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Law Offices of Thomas Lefly

Thomas R. Lefly Website

Personal Injury Lawyer Thomas Lefly was looking for a marketing site to expand his Englewood practice into Denver. I had built a single page site for him in the past and he wanted me to build this new site. It features strong colors and a bold layout. He also requested a new logo for his […]

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Law Offices Of Michael J. Hurley

Law Offices on Michael J. Hurley - Website

Boston Attorney Michael J. Hurley wanted to market his practice to the greater Boston area. He commissioned a new website and logo with a very obvious boston feel. Featuring a bold color scheme and a logo based on Boston’s iconic Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge. View Site

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The Law Office Of Michael D Franco

Law Offices Of Michael D Franco - Website

Bankruptcy Attorney Michael D Franco needed an update to his very dated website. This new design brought him into the mobile world and expanded marketing profile and reach. I developed the website and designed his new logo. View Site

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Law Offices Of Jonathan Watts

Jonathan C Watts - Website

A long time client in San Francisco wanted an update to their site design. View Site

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McCarthy Law

John McCarthy wanted a few sites to highlight his shift into Employment Law. The site features a custom intake form as well as scheduling integration with Microsoft OFfice 360. View Site

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Legal Service Center

The Legal Service Center in Orange County offers legal services to residents in the area of property law, probate but especially tennant’s rights and eviction defense. They requested a website to highlight their tennant and eviction defence as well as a custom logo. View Site

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The Law Office of Joseph Galasso

Former Deputy District Attorney Joseph Galasso needed a website to highlight his transition from prosecutor to a criminal defense attorney. His site features a design that projects confidence and strength. Custom Logo Responsive Web Design Asymmetric design elements All graphics are css/font based for a low server load and page speed Visit the site

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Doss Law

Financial services lawyer wanted a new site to feature his eduational materials as well as video testimonials. Features custom webforms for client intake. View Site

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The Law Offices Of Vincent W. Davis

The Law Offices of Vincent W. Davis is a large firm in Southern CA that covers a wide range of practice areas. They commissioned a suite of marketing sites to cover all of their practice areas in addition to a hub site to serve as their main website. Most the the sites are not regularly […]

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The Law Office Of Scott R. Ball

Los Angeles Attorney Scott Ball has a number of websites I built and manage for him. One of the more recent sites is his criminal defense site that parodies the TV show Better Call Saul. Features a full width, single page design, and custom graphics. Visit Site These are some older sites that I designed […]

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Law Office Of Nicholas Rosenberg

LA Defenders - Website

Los Angeles Defense attorney Nicholas Rosenberg is a figheter and he fights to defend people accoused of various crimes in Southern, CA. He needed a new site to showcase his aggresive defense and to provide information to his Spanish speaking clients with a Spanish site. The website features a Spanish translation as well as strong […]

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