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What Makes WordPress The Perfect Web Solution For Any Business

When it comes to ease of use and almost limitless expandability WordPress takes the cake for business web solutions When I started working with WordPress it was in its early phases and most people used WordPress exclusively for blogging. WordPress had only begun to get popular among businesses and power users. Today nearly 20% of […]

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Do You Need A Website Fast?

Get a website fast

Websites in a hurry? How to get a site up and running FAST, usually in less than 15 minutes. I get requests often to get a website up and running fast. My usual turn-around is faster than most as I can usually get a full site up and running in around 4-5 days. There are […]

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Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants – Why I use WordPress and Theme Builders

nanos gigantium humeris insidentes “We are like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants, so that we can see more than they, and things at a greater distance, not by virtue of any sharpness on sight on our part, or any physical distinction, but because we are carried high and raised up by their giant size.” […]

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