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When it comes to ease of use and almost limitless expandability WordPress takes the cake for business web solutions


When I started working with WordPress it was in its early phases and most people used WordPress exclusively for blogging. WordPress had only begun to get popular among businesses and power users. Today nearly 20% of all sites run WordPress and it’s by far still the most popular blogging software powering over 60 million blogs world wide.

If you want to see who is using WordPress visit their Showcase.

What Makes WordPress so great anyhow and why should you use WordPress for your website?

No Software to buy or install

“Back in the day…” you had to have all the website software installed on your computer if you wanted to manage your own site (otherwise your webguy had the software but that’s another story). Then if you wanted to do an update you had to have that computer with that software.

WordPress is web based software which means it all lives on the web. You don’t have to buy any software, since WordPress is open source (read: FREE). Most web hosts even have a one click set up for WordPress. And if you chose me to set up your site you don’t even have to worry about that. You will get a username and password to login to your site an that’s it.

Ease Of Use On ANY Device

Next up since WordPress lives on the web you can access your software using any internet enabled device from anywhere. Your laptop in the den? Yup. Your sister’s fruit named tablet at your favorite nautically named coffee shop? Yar (that’s pirate for yes). Your cell phone while you are sitting in the airport in France on vacation? Qui, but why would you, you’re on vacation!

WordPress is built so that anyone can use it, from the power user who dreams html to the novice who feels most comfortable with a word processor or email client. That’s right, if you can write an email you can manage your site with WordPress.

A True Content Management System

All of your content is stored in a database which makes managing your content a breeze. The interfaces are drag and drop so you can easily move elements around to get things just the way you want them, and if you make a mistake everything is backed up so you can hit the undo button and put things back the way they were.

What’s more, if you change your mind you can change it all up again, and again and again.

Thousands Of Plugins and Themes

You can wrap your content in beautiful designs from the thousands of themes available or make your own designs using theme frameworks. There are literally thousands of designs to fit your tastes and plugins to expand the capabilities of your site and add the little extra pizazz your site needs.

Made For SEO

Mastering SEO is a hard task but WordPress give you a jump by automatically pining the search engines when you produce new content. Not only that but it has SEO best practices built in so that even though you don’t realize it you are making your site more and more attractive to search engines.

Already Mobile Ready

The world is getting more mobile and the internet is getting smaller. WordPress is perfect for mobile devices right out of the box with responsive themes, and plugins that make your site a full functioned mobile site or even turn it into a mobile app that they can install on their mobile device.

What ever your needs are WordPress has what your business is looking for. With thousands of users and developers WordPress isn’t keeping up with the trends, but is setting the trends so you can be sure your site will be on the cutting edge.

If you are looking for a new website or you want to convert your existing site to WordPress contact me to find out how to get started.

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